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Looking for a sensible healthy eating regime as opposed to the most recent food fad? Uncertain of what is worth trying and what’s advisable to veer away from.

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Medicine Education


What causes it?
Asthma is a narrowing of the airways of the lungs and the inflamed airways become irritated leading to bouts of coughing, wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness.

A common symptom of an asthma attack is that is often more difficult breathing out than it is breathing in.

Asthma is treated with two types of drugs. The ‘preventers’ suppress the underlying inflammation while the ‘relievers’ relieve airway constriction by causing the muscles in the airway to relax and thus open the airways.

These drugs are refined and more selective versions of naturally occurring chemicals and research on laboratory animals has been important in most stages of the development and testing of these medicines.