Health Methodologies

Water treatment

To help you have pure drinking water

• Household water is low in energy and vibrancy and will actually deplete rather than nourish our body’s systems.

• The Living Water Vortex transforms your tap, filtered or bottled water into biologically active living water.

• The Living Water Vortex Jug simulates the self-cleansing spirals and vortices of a lively mountain steam.

• The motor-driven impeller induces into water a powerful natural vortex.

• This restructuring and energising of the water lasts 36 hours.

• Limescale deposits are reduced when using energised water in your kettle or steam iron.

• Plants (indoors and outdoor) love energised water. Test it on your pets, with one bowl of ‘damaged’ and one of ‘living water’, and see which they prefer.

• Danish research confirms how the Vortex Jug cools, softens, cleanses, oxygenates, polishes and re-energies the water; chlorine is evaporated.

• The Living Water Vortex Jug and it’s parts are guaranteed for 12 months.

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 Natural and safe chiropractic services

– Chiropractic Adjustment/Manipulation
– Physical Therapy
– Injury Rehabilitation with a Licensed Physical Therapist
or Personal Trainer
– Therapeutic Massage (Including deep tissue, sport, reflexology, etc.)
– Ergonomic Instruction
– Acupunture/Herbal Consultation
– Wellness Seminars
– Therapeutic Massage
– Trigger Point
– Reduce Muscle Hypertonicity

A chiropractor will perform a thorough assessment to see which structures are causing pain and will then discuss a treatment plan with you, we only use the best chiropractic equipment available on the market we buy from an experienced chiropractic suppliers who sell us a wide range of quality products which help us to help your back and neck pains efficiently and professionally.

Caring for your health

A great way to improve your health is to use a gym, whether it’s a luxury gym or your local council one , the range of machines there can enable you to target different parts of your body.