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Who we are?

We offer useful information about autism that aims to support the needs of families, carers and friends of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

There are charities/associations that provide fully integrated activity programmes for families of Autistic children, offering activities which are generally inaccessible due to lack of suitability, inadequate support and absence of specialised facilities.

In addition, we offer advice and information on the many issues which affect Autistic individuals: ranging from welfare benefits and education advice to dietary information and behaviour management.

UK Services available

Services that are available for people/children who have autism:

  • A structured range of activities for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders including weekly youth clubs and football workshops.
  • Summer leisure programme.
  • Regular integrated activities for the families.
  • Information and advice on ASD and related issues.
  • Assistance with welfare benefit forms.
  • Support/Advocacy at meetings.
  • Parent Support Groups.
  • Workshops and Conferences.
  • Specialised Library.
  • Quarterly Newsletter.
  • One to one support for individuals/families experiencing particular difficulties.
  • Practical support with speech and communication difficulties

Here are some links to associations who provide these services:


Autism Awareness Training

Autism Awareness Training is available to both parents of autistic children and normal people to gain a better understanding of what autism actually is.
The Autism Awareness Training Includes:

  • A clearer understanding of autism
  • Knowing more about Aspergerís syndrome
  • Strategies for working with people on the spectrum
  • Courses tailored around individual needs
  • Courses held at your place of work
  • Home